The amazing wildlife is another adventurous side of Sri Lanka which is why it is ranked among twenty five biodiversity hot spots in the world. The ultimate and extensive wildlife in Sri Lanka also makes the island attractive to various adventure seekers, wildlife photographers, nature enthusiastic and nature lovers; especially its national parks and sanctuaries. Did you know that Sri Lanka is home to;

  • 91 species of mammals where 16 of the species are endemic!
  • Over 440 bird species that includes 233 resident species out of which 26 are endemic
  • 242 butterfly and 117 dragonfly species!
  • 171 reptiles of which 98 species belong to the category of snakes, while the remaining belong to the categories of lizards, crocodiles and turtles. Altogether 101 are endemic!
  • 106 amphibian species of which 90 are endemic!
  • 82 species of fish!
  • 3210 species of flowering plants where 916 species are endemic!
  • Overall, about 22 percent of Sri Lanka’s amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles and 27 percent of plants are endemic!

The statistics reveal that Sri Lanka Wildlife comprises of a very high diversity as well as copious endemism!

The island, although being a tiny land space spanning only 65,610 km2, its significant variation in climate, topography and soil properties has resulted in the rise of a stunning variety of forest types and landscapes that provide habitats for a wide diversity of faunal and floral species.

Wilpattu and Yala are the largest national parks in Sri Lanka which are home to a variety of wild animals including leopards, elephants and birds that could be seen at their natural inhabitant behaviours. The diverse attractions of Sri Lankan wildlife include watching herds of wild elephants which mainly gather during a certain season at Minneriya in the north central province of the country, viewing the largest animal, the blue whale during the early part of the year at the offshores of South Sri Lanka, visiting one of the world’s virgin tropical rain forests, the Sinharaja in the South West part of the country to watch various flocks of birds and much more.

In terms of hospitality on a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka, the country also has varied options and immense hotspots ranging from five star class properties and resorts to budgeted guest houses found closer to these wildlife excursion hotspots. Interestingly accommodation in Sri Lanka takes a new sphere by providing adequate and safest facilities in the middle of the jungle.